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Leverhulme Major Research Fellowships

We are delighted to announce that Professor Giovanni Capoccia and Professor Tobias Reinhardt have each won a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship.

Major Research Fellowships support well-established academics in the humanities and social sciences to focus for two or three years on a specific piece of significant, original research. Details of the Major Research Fellowships 2013 can be found here.

Professor Capoccia, Fellow and Tutor and Professor of Comparative Politics, has provided the following summary of his research,'Reshaping Democracy after Authoritarianism: Explaining Responses to Neo-Fascism in Western Europe:


The reconstruction of West European democracies after WWII ushered in several institutional innovations in democratic rule, including a variety of legal and policy arrangements limiting the participation rights of individuals and organizations tied to the previous fascist regimes. Combining advances in democratization theory and historical institutionalism, this project is the first to analyze empirically policies regulating neo-fascist dissent in Western Europe between 1945 and today. Its broader goal is to establish a new research agenda on a hitherto neglected facet of democratization, namely how new democracies accommodate or restrict the dissent of the political heirs of the previous authoritarian regime.

Professor Reinhardt, Corpus Christi Professor of Classics, hopes to write a commentary on Cicero's Academica and to produce a modern critical edition of the same text (both for OUP). The Academica is devoted to the explanation of a Stoic empiricist theory of knowledge and to the sceptical counterarguments against that theory. It is arguably the most complex philosophical work of the Roman period, as well as a text which speaks to the concerns of modern philosophers like few others.



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