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JRF Article in the TLS

In March 2016, Johns Hopkins University received a new archival collection of sixteen letters from La Motte to her American friend Amy Wesselhoeft von Erdberg in Germany, donated by Wesselhoeft’s descendants after they were found in a hayloft behind the family home in Waldheim, near Berlin in 2013. Written from Baltimore, Paris, London, and Chicago between December 1911 and August 1916, they provide a unique insight into La Motte's personal and political life before her graphic 1916 war memoir The Backwash of War, and reveals the astonishing range of lesbian, suffragette, avant-garde, and war networks that she moved within - from the militant suffragettes in London (Mary Richardson and the Pankhursts) to Gertrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas and Henri Matisse in Paris. 

It’s not as big a find as the unknown World War One story by Edith Wharton that Dr Kelly wrote about in 2015 (, but it is exciting nonetheless!

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