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Expanding Horizons scholarships

The College is pleased to announce that thanks to the generosity of a number of its US alumni it has raised a significant amount of money to create a number of scholarships for students for travel this summer (and next) to the USA and non-OECD countries.  

The President wrote to US Alumni in mid-December asking if they wished to contribute to an Expanding Horizons scholarship fund for students to travel to the US during the summer of 2017; the aim of the opportunity is to form a basis for greater understanding and shared purpose between the two countries.  The response exceeded expectation and a significant amount of money was raised to provide travel to the US and to a non-OECD country.  The scholarships will enable at least 3 students to travel to the US this year (and at least 3 in 2018) and at least 3 students to travel to a non-OECD country this year.  The travel is intended to be for a period between 4 and 8 weeks, should be of broad educational value beyond a student's Oxford course (for example working for an NGO, volunteering, a summer school, an archaeological dig, an internship, a lab placement, etc). Students can apply for up to a maximum of £5k.

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