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Memorial Service in Honour of Dr Michael Brock CBE

On 23 June Corpus Christi hosted a memorial service in honour of the late Dr Michael Brock CBE.

The Brock family came together with many former students, colleagues and friends to celebrate Dr Brock's life and his remarkable contribution to the University of Oxford.

Michael was Fellow & Tutor in Modern History & Politics 1950-66. He first came up to Corpus in 1938, but his undergraduate career was interrupted by the War. After distinguished service in North Africa, leading a battalion of machine gunners, he returned to Corpus to complete his studies and graduated in 1950. While he was Fellow, he held a number of the most senior offices, including Dean, Senior Tutor and Vice President. After leaving Corpus in 1966, Michael went on to become Vice-president and Bursar of Wolfson College, before taking up the post of Warden of Nuffield College from where he eventually retired in 1988. Michael was elected an Honorary Fellow of Corpus in 1977. After retirement, Michael's interest in History was not at all diminished. He continued to research and write for publication and completed his final book just a few weeks before he died.

Michael was deeply moved by the decision by a number of his former pupils (taken after a celebration in the Lodgings in 2010 to mark his 90th birthday) to create a three year Junior Research Fellowship in his honour. Michael wrote to me, on his and his wife, Eleanor's, behalf, just after the Junior Research Fellowship was announced, thanking both the College and his former pupils for their initiative: "....this award has meant more to us than any honour I have ever received. We look back on my tutorial time as a golden period." In his final years he enjoyed communicating with the holder of the Michael Brock Junior Research Fellowship, Dr Ben Mountford, and discussing their shared interest in nineteenth century British imperial history.

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