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Dr Anna Marmodoro Publishes New Book

Corpus is pleased to announce that Dr Anna Marmodoro, Fellow in Philosophy, has published a new book. Published by OUP, Aristotle on Perceiving Objects is Dr Marmodoro’s latest work, and can be purchased directly from the OUP here.

This book offers a reconstruction of the six metaphysical models Aristotle offered to address these and related questions, focusing on their metaphysical underpinning in his theory of causal powers. By doing so, the book brings out what is especially valuable and even surprising about the topic: the core principles of Aristotle's metaphysics of perception are fundamentally different from those of his metaphysics of substance. Yet, for precisely this reason, his models of perceptual content are unexplored territory. This book breaks new ground in offering an understanding of Aristotle's metaphysics of the content of perceptual experience and of the composition of the perceptual faculty.



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