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Double blades for CCCBC at Torpids

The Corpus Women had a fantastic Torpids with both W1 and W2 winning blades. Mary Chapman, Women's Caption 2012-13, reported the following:

"Following on from a Michaelmas of heavy rain and flooding, complete with emergency evacuations of an increasingly submerged Boathouse Island and OURCs river conditions flag upgrading from red flag to ‘Doom Flag' (heralding ‘general despair' and ‘children weeping in the streets'), we began Hilary with every intention of spending as much time on the water as physically possible. However, with a fully saturated water table, every fall of rain pushed the Isis out of its banks, and all of us back onto the ergs. Proving that you can't knock a Corpuscle down, however, the entire squad took Rob's land training regime to heart, with multiple ergs per week, circuit training and the occasional Zumba session for variety. On the few occasions where we made it out on the water, we acquitted ourselves well, coming 4th overall of the women's squads entering the IWL head races.

In the countdown to Torpids, with the likelihood of the races even running hanging on the weather forecast, the dreaded 2k tests came around, with impressive performances from both seniors and novices (and ice cream based rewards afterwards). With less than a week to go and our crews set, the waters suddenly subsided, and our first outings with our Torpids crews were made. With W2 coming third of the rowing on crews, hopes were high as we set out on the days of racing. W2 immediately set the bar high for the day by bumping St. Hilda's II within just ten strokes, but W1 were quick to follow this up with a bump on St Hugh's, with neither crew having to race past Donnington Bridge. Going into Tuesday, with a chance for W1 to bump up into Div 2 (something not achieved by a Corpus women's boat since 1989), nerves were high, but so was power, and W2 caught Wadham III before their start sequence was even complete, followed by W1 quickly bumping St. Hilda's and reaching the top of Div 3. As the sandwich boat, we were immediately back on the water in Div 2, chasing St Anne's from bung-line 13, and, after a quick Latin grace to the river gods (courtesy of our boat's ancient historian), we bumped ourselves up two places to firmly establish ourselves in Div 2. Friday saw a harder day's rowing, with both boats actually having to row past their start sequences before bumping St Hugh's II and Merton respectively (alright, not that hard a day's rowing). With ‘the B-word' hovering over both boats on Saturday, it was tense morning, but W2 started an excellent day with yet another fast bump, securing Blades for the second time in less than a year. W1 followed suit later in the day, chasing down Exeter, and making it a double Blades Torpids!"


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