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Corpus student wins Charles Darwin Award and Marsh Prize

The Charles Darwin Award and Marsh Prize is awarded for the best zoological project by an undergraduate. This year’s winner is Patrick Meyer-Higgins, University of Oxford, for his project ‘A comparative study of Strouhal number in birds: on wing morphology, flight mode, and methodology’. In this exceptional study, Patrick measured Strouhal number by filming diverse species of birds in free flight in order to find evolutionary, morphological and ecological correlates of these measurements. The project is highly impressive in its technical execution, and focuses on the development of a new technique for measuring Strouhal number in the field. Patrick has a clear understanding of possible sources of measurement error, and went to great lengths to eliminate these in the methods he designed. Patrick used sophisticated statistical and comparative methods to analyse his data, and the techniques he developed will be influential in future work in this area. For this outstanding work, we are delighted to present Patrick with a cheque for £800, kindly sponsored by the Marsh Christian Trust.

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