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Corpus elects a new President, from October 2016

The College is delighted to announce the election of Professor Steven Cowley FRS (Corpus 1978) as its next President - the first scientist to hold the post.  Winner of the Glazebrook Prize for Physics, Professor Cowley is a leading theoretical physicist, with a particular interest in nuclear fusion.  He is currently chief executive of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, leader of its laboratory at Culham, and professor part time at Imperial College, London.  He has a long and distinguished career at Princeton and UCLA behind him.  Professor Cowley acts as an adviser to government, but also finds time to speak in schools; he has made a number of media appearances, including a very popular TED talk on fusion power.  He will take up office on 1 October 2016 in time to guide the College through its 500th anniversary year in 2017.

Still a keen sportsman and musician, at Oxford, he was awarded a half-blue in basketball. Commenting on his election Professor Cowley said:

 “Corpus was founded five hundred years ago to study the “new learning” and nurture thinkers and leaders for the benefit  of the public, and the wider world. That mission is still critical and I am absolutely delighted for the opportunity to help shape a modern incarnation of the Founder’s purpose.”

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