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Corpus Fellows receive Oxford Teaching Awards

The Oxford Teaching Awards 2008-09 were presented by Professor Andrew Hamilton, the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford, at a formal award ceremony on 24 November. The following Corpus Fellows were among those who recieved awards:

Teaching Awards

Dr Liz Fisher, Fellow and Tutor of Corpus Christi, Univiersity Lecturer in Law

Dr Peter Nellist, Fellow and Tutor of Corpus Christi, University Lecturer in Materials Science

Project Grant within the Teaching Award Scheme*

Dr Jay Sexton, Fellow and Tutor of Corpus Christi, University Lecturer in History


The Oxford University Teaching Awards recognise all kinds of work to engage students and help them learn: from creating new courses, to innovative use of audio and video podcasts, and the ability to deliver brilliant lectures and demonstrations.

The scheme, which is coordinated by the Oxford Learning Institute, recognises excellence in college and university teaching, the winners being selected by their divisions or faculties.

Many of the awards have been made following feedback from undergraduates, graduates and members of staff who have singled out the special contribution of those involved in promoting the highest standards of teaching and learning.

*As well as the Teaching Award certificates, some of the awards were in the the form of grants to support educational projects chosen by divisions or departments that are aimed at improving teaching.

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