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Corpus Fellow Receives Major Research Award

Dr John Watts
has been awarded a three-year Major Research Fellowship by the Leverhulme Trust to enable him to write a book on the period 1461-1547 for the New Oxford History of England series. Entitled ‘Renaissance England', this work will centre on the wave of neo-classical enthusiasm which was such a marked feature of English cultural and intellectual life from the mid-fifteenth century onwards. A prominent theme will be that the growing engagement with the classics, and the various forms and environments in which that engagement was cultivated and promoted, played a shaping role in the politics and political culture of the period, colouring the Wars of the Roses and helping to drive the agenda of reform and reformation. At the same time, the troubled res publica of the Yorkist kings and the Empire of Henry VIII (‘non octavus sed Octavius', as Lord Mountjoy punningly remarked in 1509) were built in a realm with its own particular social, cultural, economic and institutional structures, and an equal aim will be to understand the part played by these in creating the atmosphere of England's renaissance, and producing the events and dynamics that attended it.

John Watts has been a Fellow of Corpus since 1997. He is Tutor in History, and has been Tutor for Admissions (1999-2002) and Senior Tutor (2008-11). His main publications are Henry VI and the Politics of Kingship (1996) and The Making of Polities: Europe, 1300-1500 (2009).

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