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Prof Anna Marmodoro Publishes A New Book

Corpus is pleased to announce that Anna Marmodoro has published a new book, titled Breve Introduzione alla Metafisica, co-authored with Erasmus Mayr. The book introduces five central topics in analytics metaphysics (substance; properties and relations; causation; modality; and free will). It presents the state of the art on these topics in the contemporary debates; a brief overview of the developments of such debates in the history of metaphysics; and the “opinionated” views of the authors on the issues in question. The book is intended to be accessible to advanced undergraduates (and above), and aims to sparks interest in the subject in those who are not yet au fait in it. The publication of the book in Italian, which alas makes the contents accessible only to a narrow readership, serves however an important goal – that is, to make analytic metaphysics more known in the Continent than it currently is. The book “pioneers” a philosophical language for analytic metaphysics that does not quite exist yet in Italian. If anybody fancies a trip to the South this winter, there will be a launch of the book in Rome before Christmas!

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