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Corpus Christi Schools Science Prize 2010

For the second year running, Corpus organised a Schools Science Competition for prospective students. The catergories in this year's competition were Biochemistry and Chemistry, with a top prize of £250 available in each.

The Biochemistry tutors thought all the essays showed a great deal of enthusiasm for the subject area, wide ranging research and excellent knowledge of the virus life cycle. A good essay required integration of a wide range of information about the virus life cycle, the human immune response, and the requirements for an effective vaccine. The very best essays could start drawing links between the different stages of the virus cycle and the opportunities for vaccine development.

The Chemistry tutors were delighted to see that many pupils displayed an impressive understanding and knowledge of NMR spectroscopy which is probably the most powerful and versatile physical technique chemists have available for studying the structures, properties and reactions of molecules.

There was a strong field of entries for both categories but in the end, Corpus was delighted to award prizes to the following students at our College Open Day on 30th June.


First Prize: Zack Hall
Second Prize
: Jason Wong
Highly Commended
: Emma Hodgson and Claire Sycamore

Biochemistry prize winners with Dr Lisa Heather and Dr Chris Scanlan, Lecturers in Biochemistry.


First Prize: James Reddyhough
Second Prize:
Ben Thorne

Chemistry prize winners with Professor Peter Hore, Fellow and Tutor in Chemistry.


We would like to thank all of those who participated in the competition this year. In 2011, there will be prizes available in the fields of Physics and Materials Science.


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