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Corpus Christi Coin Collection Returns

Dr Samuel Gartland has overseen the repatriation of a large part of the Corpus Christi coin collection from the Ashmolean, where they have lived for some time on semi-permanent loan. The collection is a result of many benefactions and some chance discoveries, and was moved to the Ashmolean in 1932 under the direction of Corpuscle Joseph G. Milne (LitHum 1886) at the same time as many other colleges offered their collections.

Dr Gartland and Dr Volker Heuchert (Assistant Keeper - Greek and Roman Provincial coins, Ashmolean Museum)


The coins, dating from 500BC to 1600AD include examples from Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Rome, Syria, Byzantium and England. Among the most striking examples are a series of gold coins of Philip II of Macedon and Alexander the Great, as well as an impressive sequence Ptolemaic kings, Roman and Byzantine emperors, and a good collection of early English coins, including Edmund, Edward the Confessor, and Elizabeth I. There is a fine example of an Angel of Henry VIII which was in circulation at the time of the college’s founding, and is particularly pleasing to bring home in the year of the quincentenary.
The coins are already employed widely in teaching, outreach and research, and are back in College to the end of the year.
Images and more information can be found on the Ashmolean website here: (replace XXXX with any number from 27658 and 27706)

Gold Stater of Alexander the Great (330-320BC)
(Obverse: Athena in Corinthian helmet; Reverse: Winged Nike holding stylus and wreath with thunderbolt left: ALEXANDROU- Of Alexander)





Gold Angel of Henry VIII (1509-1526AD)
(Obverse: Archangel Michael slaying a dragon- HENRIC VIII DI GRA REX AGL & FR- Henry VIII by the Grace of God King of England and France; Reverse: English galley with shield bearing Henry’s arms, and ‘H’ and a rose below topmast- PER CRVCE TVA SALVA NOS XPC REDE- Through your cross save us, Christ Redeemer.

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