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Corpus Auditorium Wins National Architecture Award

RIBA Awards for architectural excellence were presented across the country on 20th May 2010 with 102 buildings in the UK and Europe winning awards (93 in the UK and nine in the rest of the EU).

The MBI Al Jaber Building was designed by Rick Mather Architects and was completed in June 2009. RIBA has branded the auditorium "both an essay in conservation and a work of great clarity and invention".

RIBA President Ruth Reed said about the 2010 RIBA Award winners:

‘The RIBA Awards reflect not only the state of British architecture but also that of its economy. In the midst of the deepest recession in the 45 year history of the RIBA Awards this year's winners demonstrate that although times might be hard for architects, there are still great buildings being built throughout the country and overseas. The RIBA Awards always give an opportunity for gem-like small projects and less established practices to shine through and this year is no exception. Far from being a size prize, the RIBA Awards are for buildings that offer value to people's lives.'

The RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist will be drawn from the 102 RIBA Award winners. The RIBA Stirling Prize, in association with The Architects' Journal is awarded to the architects of the building that has made the greatest contribution to British architecture in the past year. The prize will be presented at The Roundhouse, London on Saturday 2 October 2010.

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