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Corpus Alumnus Receives Oxford University Teaching Award

Corpus is pleased to announce that Dr Samuel Gartland, who read Ancient and Modern History at the College fom 2003-2006, has received an Oxford University Teaching Award. The Teaching Awards scheme, which is coordinated by the Oxford Learning Institute, recognises excellence in college and University teaching, with the winners selected by their divisions.

Dr John Ma, Fellow and Tutor in Ancient History, taught Sam during his time here and was delighted to hear the news:

"Sam Gartland, during his time in CCC, was well known for many things- his attempts to "sing" in a rock band with Jack Cole, his blue nail polish, his turning up to tutorials in a dressing gown- and also for his deep engagement and love for ancient history. He obviously managed to pass something on of this love and this fire, for, during his time as Departmental Lecturer for the Faculty of Classics, he received an award in recognition of his excellent teaching."

The Oxford University Teaching Awards were presented by the Vice-Chancellor of the University at a formal award ceremony on 12 November. The University's press release can be found here.



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