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Classics in Communities Project

The University of Oxford, the Iris Project, and Swansea University are delighted to announce an exciting new project which will promote the option of teaching Latin or Greek to primary schools throughout the UK. The project has been set up in response to the primary curriculum reforms being implemented in England in 2014, and will particularly target schools from deprived areas. Further information about the project can be found on the Faculty of Classics website.

The opening conference of the project, ‘Classics in Communities: Theories and Practices to develop Classics Outreach in the 21st Century', will take place at Corpus Christi College on 30th November 2013. The conference aims to bring together the innovative community projects on ancient cultures and languages that have already developed through universities and other organisations within and outside the UK, and share best practice. For further details and to book a place at the event, please visit the Faculty of Classics website.

A poster advertising the event (shown right) and a flyer for forthcoming Classics in Communities workshops taking place across the UK can be downloaded below:

Conference Poster

Forthcoming workshops

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