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CCC The Estate

Conscious that a vast amount of work has been undertaken and indeed is planned for the coming years Fellows wanted to communicate to Corpuscles and others how we continue to nurture and care for our estate. 

The website has been created to meet this need, with  the deliberately image centric format seeking to illustrate and permanently place on record the challenges, travails, successes and failures of our work.

Like preceding generations, we find ourselves the guardians of a proud history, in one of the most inspirational settings in the world. The fact that we continue in the traditions of our founder, Bishop Fox, as an institution of learning and research is not surprising, however the realisation that we do so within the site and buildings that would still be recognisable to him today is remarkable.

On the linked pages of the site you will see our major projects illustrated to record existing structures, the progression of work, and the final outcome achieved in our efforts to sustain a working environment that can still deliver on our founder’s goals.   We have also sought to record the many specialists and trades folk who have made the work possible.  Whilst seemingly mundane contemporary events these images will we hope, in time, become a valuable resource.

The costs involved in this ceaseless endeavour are significant and our continued enjoyment of our historic setting can only be made affordable through the support of our endowment and the selfless generosity of alumni and others who are willing to underwrite our past and our future.

Should readers have any comments upon the site, its content, intent, format or accessibility please do contact John Harrison, the Bursar at


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