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BAME Formal

On the 16th of May, BAME students from across the University, predominantly from the Merton Street Colleges, came together in Corpus Christi College Hall to enjoy a formal dinner.  The event hosted and organised by Corpus students and administration staff was the very first of its kind and provided an opportunity for BAME students to celebrate their experiences over dinner.

Neha Shah, a student at St Peter's, remarked 'having so many students of colour in a traditionally white space was an empowering sight.  It would be great to see more colleges folling in Corpus' footsteps and celebrating their BAME students and the talent we bring.'

Corpus' Zereena Arshad, a student organiser, commented in her brief post-dinner speech: 'the event has been a success - we have such a great turn out.  A huge thanks to all the work by Corpus' kitchen staff and Rachel Pearson.  It has truly been amazing to see so many BAME students together.  Not only is the diversity of the room so wonderful to witness but the diversity of discussion is so heart-warming i have loved getting to know the people sitting around me and their stories.

I hope, and encourage, other colleges to follow suit and hold Formals or other traditionally Oxford events for BAME students, so that BAME students feel welcomed into the Oxford environment and feel empowered to reach their potentials.  Sentiments like this will only work to improve the 'BME attainment gap' and increase the number of BAME applicants, and effectively, BAME students at the University as a whole.'


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