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BBC iWonder - When is Easter? Well, it depends...

Filming for the BBC iWonder film When is Easter? Well, it depends... took place in March 2014.  Glimpses of Corpus, its Library and one or two of its manuscripts can be seen in the film, now available from the BBC website:

The film includes shots of some of manuscripts held by Corpus, including our 12th century copy of Bede’s Historia Ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum (MS 279B) and our 12th century Irish Gospels (MS 122).  Both of these manuscripts can be seen in full on the Early Manuscripts at Oxford university website:

Another manuscript glimpsed in the film was a 14th century text, Kalendarium ad meridiem Vniuersitatis Oxoniae, which includes a Sarum calendar and astronomical tables (this text is one of three items in MS 123).

(And for those of you concerned about the handling of our manuscripts, please be reassured that the unseen hands turning pages are the Librarian’s and not the presenter’s!)


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