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As You Like It Production

A celebratory production of 'As You Like It' opened to rave reviews on Wednesday. The production, directed by John Retallack and Renata Allan and produced by current undergraduate Frances Livesey, is the most ambitious project undertaken by the Owlets in some time.

The production features performances from current students, staff and old members alike, and takes place both in the MBI Al Jaber Auditorium and in other spaces, indoor and outdoor, around the College. The first review published - to be found on the blogĀ 'Oxford Opening Night' - was full of praise for the performance: 'No scene felt out of place, and the actors themselves were beautifully blocked and confident in making the most of the different spaces available to them, from playing in the cloisters to tree-planting in the garden... a refreshing reminder of the range of people and talent that makes up the life of the university.'

The music, written by Howard Goodall, was directed by Katherine Pardee, the College's Director of Music. The show has sold out across its run, and all those involved should be heartily congratulated.

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