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Artist in Residence

Between 17 and 21 February Corpus will play host to an artist in residence, Ceri Allen, a painter who trained in London and now lives and works in Carlisle. Ceri will be living in the College for a week, carrying out sketches, taking photographs and doing some preparatory work for a series of eight paintings which will soon adorn the walls of the new Lampl building. As part of her work, she will meet fellows, students and staff, and gain a sense of the life of the College with the aim of capturing Corpus visually.

She will be working in her room, both sketching and painting - so if you want to see an artist at work, feel free to go along. Ceri would be very happy to talk to anyone who is considering a career in art, or who likes to draw and paint. She is also on the look-out for any Corpus student who would have time to sit for her during the week.


More of Ceri's work can be seen at We hope to have a regular artistic residency in future years.



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