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Alumni book launch - East of Asia Minor

On Thursday 1 February the Rainolds Room (the previous day the location of a lively Aristophanes paper delivered to the Corpus Classical Seminar by Ian Ruffell, CCC 1990) was the venue for the launch of East of Asia Minor. Rome’s Hidden Frontier by Timothy Mitford (CCC 1958). In 1963 Timothy started work on the Euphrates frontier, instigated by Frank Lepper (Fellow, 1939-1980) and Ian Richmond (CCC 1920, Honorary Fellow 1965); in 1973 he completed his DPhil thesis entitled “The Roman Frontier based on the valley of the Upper Euphrates”; and he continued his researches on the Euphrates valley throughout an active Naval career and retirement. The launch of the splendid 2-volume outcome of this research, documenting the topography, monuments, inscriptions and coins of the Roman Empire’s north-eastern frontier, was sponsored by OUP and the Corpus Christi College Centre for the Study of Greek and Roman Antiquity and assisted by a subvention by the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research.

The book is available on the OUP website.

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