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Mr Patrick Meyer Higgins - Photographer (and Biological Sciences Finalist)

I am in the final year of my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences, now focussing on Zoology and Developmental Biology.

I combine my academic and photographic interests in wildlife photography (especially of birds, and macro photography of plants and animals), but also enjoy abstract, architectural, and street photography. I have also been exploring the use of photographic techniques in zoological studies, with my undergraduate project employing high-speed video to study the aerodynamics of wild birds in unperturbed flight.

Corpus has given my photography exposure through its website, competitions, and college publications, and last year hosted an exhibition of wildlife and architectural photographs that I took in and around the college. I have recently enjoyed working with the web-development team to capture views of the college for use on the website.

I keep a daily photojournal online at blipfoto and also share my photographs on flickr.

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