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The modern (post-1830) library collection: rules for admissions and usage

Corpus Library is reserved for members of the College.  We will try to accommodate external readers when the item they wish to consult is genuinely not available in one of the university's libraries.  Appointments must be requested in advance by letter or by email; readers arriving without an appointment will be turned away.  Use of the material is strictly on a reference basis, and borrowing will not be allowed.


  • Non-members of the College must make appointments in advance (see also under Appointments below)

  • Appointments are provided to consult texts specified in advance, under supervision of Library staff

  • Full bibliographic details of the item to be consulted should be supplied in advance, including the call number; readers requesting items available in one of the Bodleian libraries will be referred to those libraries

  • Library staff have the discretion not to produce any book or other object that they decide is too fragile, too damaged or in any other way unfit for consultation

  • Requests for general or on-going access to the Library should be made in writing to the Fellow Librarian in the first instance

  • Please note that information regarding appointments and research requests will be collected and processed according to the General Data Protection Regulation and associated data protection legislation.


Appointments to consult post-1830 library items may be available in the following times, but must be arranged in advance.

Monday - Friday
10 am to 12.45 pm
2.15 pm to 4.45 pm

Please read the rest of this page in full before emailing

Please note that appointments will be limited during vacations, and not possible during August due to staff commitments.


Library and Archive closures - a general note:

The College is closed between Christmas and New Year, and usually over the four day Easter weekend, which means the Library and Archives are not available to any readers during those periods. In addition, the Library is usually closed for at least two weeks in August for stock checks and maintenance work.


Access to the Library is usually via a flight of stairs (no lift is available).  Please let staff know in advance if this is likely to cause you any difficulties. Further information about the assistance we provide to readers can be found here.


  • Photographic identification will be required (Oxford University or Bodleian cards are preferred, but other forms of photo identification may be accepted)

  • A register is kept of all appointments and personal information is collected to verify identification for appointments, to record usage, for statistical purposes, and as a security record.

Data protection

  • Registration information will be used to verify appointments, to record collection usage, for statistical purposes and for the identification or prevention of criminal activity, and will be kept for a maximum of 15 months.

  • The reading room is covered by CCTV; images are viewable by authorised individuals, and the footage recorded and kept for approximately 6 weeks.

  • Information will be collected and processed according to the General Data Protection Regulation and associated data protection legislation.

General library rules must be followed at all times. These include:

  • Books must not be marked, defaced or damaged in any way

  • No food (including sweets and chewing gum) and no drink

  • Use of laptops is permitted, but all sounds must be disabled

  • Mobile phones must be silenced; calls must not be made or taken

  • No reader may engage in conduct which infringes the regulations of Oxford University in respect of the use of its computers and network resources

  • Readers are admitted to consult specific material requested in advance and must sit where requested

  • Readers must leave if the fire alarm sounds or if asked to do so by a member of staff

Requests to photocopy material can be made on the day of the appointment (approval will depend on the physical condition of the item, copyright restrictions and availability of the copier); charges are usually 10p per A4 black and white sheet.

The College does not accept responsibility for any item or personal belongings brought onto the site.



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