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We typically seek to admit 5 students in Medicine each year.

Corpus is renowned for Medicine and has a large team of Fellows and Lecturers, many of whom hold senior positions within the Medical School. The high level of tutorial support means that all the key subjects are taught within the College. The breadth of expertise is also important for third year students who often join the Fellows' laboratories for their research projects.

The teaching ethos is supportive but scientifically rigorous, and the College expects and achieves a record of high achievement in research and examinations in this subject. We aim to provide students with a strong understanding of fundamental biological processes, both in the normal and diseased states. In addition, we aim to equip students with the scientific principles required to test hypotheses and evaluate experimental findings for themselves. In recent years, most of our undergraduate students have received distinctions, scholarships and other awards. The majority of our students choose to stay on in the Oxford Clinical School and many of our students have gone on to hold senior academic positions.

The strength of Medicine at Corpus is partly due to two large endowments in the subject, the Corange and Handa Funds. These fund additional teaching and support our students in a wide range of ways including academic prizes, travel grants and book awards. Corpus is also fortunate to have a thriving Medical Society, which meets every term for a seminar and dinner. This is an excellent opportunity to bring together our pre-clinical and clinical students, plus senior staff from the hospital and university.

The tutorial staff are:

Fellows of the College

Dr Colin Akerman
The Corange Fellow and Medical Tutor

Prof Richard Cornall
University Lecturer in Renal Medicine and Professor of Immunology

Dr Pawel Swietach
Handa Fellow and Tutor in Physiology

Prof Alastair Buchan
Head of the Medical Sciences Division (Dean of the Medical School)

Dr Sebastian Fairweather
University Lecturer in Medicine

Dr Alison Simmons
Medical Research Fellow in Infectious and Inflammatory Disease

Dr Mark Wormald
Tutorial Fellow in Biochemistry

Dr Robin Murphy joined the College as Fellow and Tutor in Psychology in October 2009.

Professor Clive Ellory
Emeritus Fellow and Professor of Cellular Physiology

Professor Chris Ashley
Corange Fellow and Medical Tutor Emeritus

Lecturers of the College

Dr Rosie Adams
Lecturer in Morbid Anatomy

Dr Pamela Lear
Lecturer in Anatomy and Neuroscience

Dr Autumn Rowan-Hull
Lecturer in Anatomy and Embryology

Dr Trevor Sharp
Fellow of University College and Lecturer in Pharmacology

Prof JJ Pandit
Fellow of St John's College and Lecturer in Medicine (Anaesthesiology)


Corpus admits 5 undergraduate students per year in Medicine, which is the same as larger colleges.

Our standard entry requirements are:

A-levels: A*AA in three A-levels (excluding Critical Thinking and General Studies) taken in one academic year. Candidates are required to achieve at least grade A in both Chemistry and at least one of Biology, Physics or Mathematics.

NB: If a practical component forms part of any of the A-levels taken, we expect candidates to have taken it and passed.

Details of academic entry requirements for other qualifications can be found on the academic entry requirements page. For other qualifications, please refer to the Medical Sciences website. All applicants are required to sit the BMAT test and candidates are shortlisted for interview based primarily on their BMAT scores and GCSE performance (or equivalent). We are sympathetic to requests for deferred entry.

For further information about Medicine at Oxford, please refer to the Medical Sciences website and the University Admissions website.  Enquiries about studying Medicine at Corpus should be addressed to the Medical Tutor.

All candidates for Medicine are required to sit the BA in Medical Sciences before entering Clinical School. Accommodation is available for up to six years for Corpus students who stay on in the Clinical School.



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