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Hi, I’m Jess and I’m a first year (almost second year by the time you’re reading this) medic studying at Corpus.

Studying here has been such a strange experience in the best way possible. Coming from a background that isn’t typically reflected in the view of the archetypal ‘Oxford Student,’ I was very scared to come here. I thought I wouldn’t fit in, wouldn’t find my people, and would be forced to spend my whole degree in a place where I didn’t feel comfortable.

That’s why coming to Corpus has been such a refreshing experience, because it taught me that my fears weren’t necessarily the truth, and the small, friendly vibe of the college meant that I’ve been able to make friends with not only my year but the years above too. Corpus has one of the most community feels out of any of the colleges I’ve been to in Oxford, and I really appreciate being able to come back from the stress of a long day and be able to see encouraging faces.

Medicine is a challenge, but it’s so much better than I thought it would be. I assumed that people at Oxford had no social life, and just worked 24/7, and if they did Medicine, I thought it would be even worse (if there’s a way to work more than 24/7 lol). But, I’ve found that though there are the occasional times where I’ve had to stay in to do work, I’ve been able to do what I wanted whether that be joining in with clubs and societies, or going out to clubs and parties.

The thing I probably love most about my course, which seems to be quite controversial in the world of medicine, is the fact that Oxford takes a more traditional approach than most other UK medical schools, in that we have two years of essentially just scientific theory, one year of intercalation where we can study an area of medicine we have particular interest in, and then we graduate into clinical school where we actually get hands-on practice.

If you have any questions, fears, concerns or you’re just bored and want to find out more about medicine or Corpus don’t hesitate to email me! Hopefully I’ll see you in college!

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