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Hi! My name is Shiv and I study maths at Corpus Christi, where I'm finishing off my first year. 

When choosing a college I was unsure on how to go about it, I come from a small sixth form and knew I liked the small environment where I got to know everyone and so went with Corpus, a college with only around 70 people a year. Looking back on it, it was a great choice! Corpus has a fantastic and accepting environment, I very quickly got to know and became friends with people from a range of different subjects and years. Going to university, where you're moving away from home and living on your own, can be a daunting experience, but having a great group of friendly people and a strong support structure around you makes that process a lot easier and Corpus has provided that for me. We have a reputation for being the 'small and friendly' college, and I can promise you that is absolutely true! Given the stereotypes that are sometimes associated with Oxford, it can be easy to think you may not 'fit in', however having been here I have had the opportunity to meet a wide range of people from many different backgrounds, and let me say that no matter your background there is a place for you here! 

The course at Oxford is such that in your first year you study a large range of topics, this is the perfect chance to really explore the world of maths and see where your interests lie. Then, from your second year, you can start to specialise and go down whichever path you enjoy the most. The choice in modules you can take is too great to list here so do have a look at the Maths Institute website to see what's available. In a given week we usually have two hour-long lectures every weekday held at the Maths Institute (which, as well as lecture halls, has smaller classrooms, study spaces, and a café), and two or three tutorials. In tutorials we discuss problems sheets that we completed with a specialist tutor. I remember being quite nervous for my first tutorial, but there is nothing to worry about, tutorials are a brilliant way to discuss maths in a small casual group environment and tackle any areas of difficulty you may have with the help of someone who's an expert in their field! 

The stereotype of a large workload at Oxford is true to an extent, but it is absolutely manageable and you will definitely have time to do things outside of academics. In my first year here I have been able to get involved in many societies, pick up multiple new sports and volunteer, all along side the course. In short there are a huge range of activities, both inside and outside of college, academic and not in nature, there's never a dull night here. Check out the list of societies on the Oxford website as well as the list of sports clubs here on the Oxford Sports website. No matter your interests there is probably a society for it and if you want to try something new university is the perfect time for it! 

If at all possible I recommend coming down to Corpus on an open day and experience college and the wonderful city of Oxford for yourself. If for any reason you are unsure about applying I would highly encourage it, this is a great city with a wonderful environment lovely people. 

If you have any questions, whether it is about maths, Corpus Christi, university life, or anything else, please do get in touch!


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