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Materials Science

Poppy Miller

Hello! My name is Poppy and I am approaching the end of my first year at Oxford studying Materials here at Corpus Christi. This year has been a big, but amazing adjustment to university life; Oxford is truly a great place to study with opportunities in every area imaginable. 

During sixth form I really struggled to find a subject that I wanted to study at university being interested in so many areas. However, when I came across Materials Science, a subject which includes mixture of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Engineering, it seemed like the perfect option. 

Taught in an applied fashion Materials allows you to gain a greater understanding of how different materials behave in real life so it really is a subject to look at if you are interested in problem solving and a broader range of sciences. 

Materials at Oxford is taught via lectures, practicals and tutorials where you get the chance to discuss your work with top researchers in the field. 

Tutorials take place in a two-on-one setting to ensure that you fully understand and can gain a deeper understanding into the concepts covered in lectures. They sound quite scary but they really aren’t - all the tutors are lovely (especially at Corpus!). 

In first year, tutorials usually occur two to three times a week, with 2 or 3 lectures every morning. Practical labs happen once every two weeks (6 hours over 2 days) and a lab report has to be submitted the week after you have completed your time in the lab. 

The course is relatively small compared to many others at the university with only about 35 people per year. This makes it easier to get to know a lot of different people on your course, especially from other colleges, so it is a great way to make friends across Oxford. 

I am so glad that I applied to Corpus and have ended up studying here. Being in a small college means that everyone can get to know each other across the year groups making Corpus really friendly and supportive. There are a huge variety of college sports to keep you busy (I’m currently netball captain and enjoy rowing), opportunities to enjoy music (such as choir), lots of welfare events such as JCR tea as well as bops (college parties) about 3 times a term (always fancy dress and good fun!).

Obviously Oxford degrees, particularly science degrees, come with a heavy workload but you soon get used to the volume of work and have time to socialise and enjoy everything the university and college have to offer. 

If you have any questions about Materials, Corpus Christi or Oxford life in general please feel free to email me! 


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