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Licence to occupy College accommodation

This is a summary of the Licence Agreement between Corpus Christi College and its Students, which conforms to the UK Code of Practice for the Management of Student Housing. That Agreement forms the basis of a legally binding contract relating to accommodation between Corpus Christi College and each Student. The formal Agreement has to be signed by the College and each Student and it is a requirement that both parties do so before a Student can occupy a College room. Licence Agreements will be available for signature by Students when collecting their keys at the beginning of each academic year. A copy of the Agreement is available on request from the Domestic Bursar. The Licence Agreement must be read in conjunction with the Student Contract, which is also required to be signed by the College and each Student, and the General Information and College Rules.

Summary Terms
1.The College will make a suitable furnished room exclusively available during the period defined on the Licence Agreement to eligible Students who are Student members of both the College and University of Oxford. The College may also provide Students with exclusive use of a room during vacations on the basis that they may have to relocate to another room selected by the College. During University terms the College will also provide appropriate common rooms, other facilities shared by its Student members and will clean and maintain both to an appropriate standard.

2.The College will take reasonable and appropriate steps to provide an environment for its Students in which their welfare and safety are protected.

3.The College provides communal dining facilities to all its Students during University terms.

4.In return, the Students will pay rent to the College for their rooms in advance and charges for meals as consumed. Details of those costs are contained in the College’s Fees and Charges paper for 2019/20. Students are also able to obtain some facilities, such as renting a room during vacations, on credit from the College, which will produce termly statements of money due from each Student. Those statements (battels) must be paid by the due payment dates, otherwise an administrative charge at 1% per month is payable and the Student is liable to cease to be eligible to live in a College room.

5.Students are required to treat their rooms, the communal facilities, College furnishings, furniture and equipment with care and will be charged for any damage they cause.

6.Students are required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with living in a community, showing due consideration to the safety and welfare of other members of the College community, the general public and the good name and reputation of the College. The General Information and College Rules amplify the standard of behaviour and the penalties for breach in detail.

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