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Corpus Library was founded with donations, and relied upon these until greater regulation of the Library and its purchases was introduced in the early 18th century. The Library continues to receive donations, both in terms of volumes and financial contributions, and we are always grateful for this continued support.

The gifts of volumes often form an essential part of our accessions, adding to our academic collection and maintaining the College's connections with its past members. The Library maintains a special section of books by and about Old Members, and we are always keen to receive books we do not already have. Since 2008, we have also been funded by a generous donation from the Corpus Association to make purchases to improve our collection of books by or about Corpuscles.

While the Library is grateful to be remembered, and pleased to receive books, space is now at a premium.  With regret, we are generally unable to accept in their entirety donations that duplicate existing holdings, contain less academic texts, or include books in poor condition.  Those thinking of giving books to the Library are very welcome to contact the Librarian (see Library contacts) in advance to discuss any potential donations.  Donors are also welcome to give books on the understanding that the Library may not be able to add all the titles to stock and may then dispose of unwanted material (occasional book sales are held for members of the College, or books are offered to other college libraries, so we are often able to find good homes for the books).

Details of the Library's annual gift lists, as well as one large donations and bequests can be found on the Gift lists pages.  Thank you to everyone who has remembered the Library.

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