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Law Residential Event for Year 12 students


2018's Residential took place on Monday, 12th March to Tuesday, 13th March, in partnership with Pembroke College, Oxford. 

What does the Law Residential involve? 

This March, fifty prospective law students from all over the UK gathered at Pembroke College for the first morning of the Corpus Pembroke free Law Residential. Their first day involved legal workshops at Pembroke and Corpus Christi College led by legal academics, with tours and a Q&A with current undergraduate law students. 

Students engaged in three full workshops on analysing legal ideas, legal problems and what law means to a society. They even had the opportunity to draft their own statutory provision, and many of them seemed happy to live their lives by it afterwards!

Monday evening provided an opportunity to socialise and relax after an action-packed day, with a quiz and activities led by the undergraduate students. Students stayed overnight in one of the two colleges to be further immersed in the Oxford student experience, and after a closing session on Tuesday morning, all those attending were taken to the Faculty of Law Open Day.



 Last year's event: In 2017, twenty-six prospective Law students enjoyed a packed schedule on the first day of the residential, before exploring the university at our Open Day on June 28th. The programme for June 27th included legal workshops, a tour of the college and advice for interviews and applications. The event gave students a flavour of the study of the subject at university, and the opportunity to explore the college and, on June 28th, the university. Students spoke to tutors and undergraduate students and found out more about the process of applying to study law at Oxford and what it is like to be a student here.

'The academic activities encouraged me to think outside of the box and view a statue which appeared simple in a new way' Year 12 attendee

'It was challenging but not so daunting that it was impossible. The very knowledgeable (undergraduate) helpers were able to help with any parts we didn't understand' Year 12 attendee

'I really enjoyed learning about animal law in "Feral Wrongdoers" ... I did not realise the extent of legislation on animals!"' Year 12 attendee

'"Criminals and crime" ... gave us insight into how legislation is formed and the difficulties encountered (in doing so)Year 12 attendee








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