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Zoe Kuyken

Hi, I’m Zoe I’m a first year Law student at Corpus from Devon.

I applied direct to Corpus because I wanted an old college, but also loved how down to earth and friendly it was here; we can walk on the grass, run a tortoise fair, and most importantly do tea and biscuits every day with a massive welfare tea on Sunday with loads of cake!

I was so scared of interviews, but really I actually enjoyed mine, the tutors were so nice and did a meeting before we all interviewed so they were familiar to us and we knew what to expect. They are somewhat similar to what tutorials are like, so are a good chance to get to see what the teaching at Oxford is like.

In the first year of the Oxford Law course, you study three subjects: Constitutional Law, Roman Law and Criminal Law, which you’ll be examined on during second term, so Law students can enjoy the Summer term without having to revise for exams, so basically can go punting and really settle into the course. Most people when they envisage law, they think of criminal law, but it’s so much more than this. I have enjoyed the political and controversial elements of constitutional law, and the more historical element of Roman Law where we learnt why the law grew as it did. All three elements teach you to think and write a bit differently, and so I’ve really enjoyed the variety and depth of discussion law has given me.

The teaching at Oxford is centered on the tutorial system, so from each tutorial you get a reading list and get back written work which you can talk about in the tutorial. It’s also a good opportunity to ask questions and focus on topics you’re uncertain about.

With Law, there is no required subject, or a perfect subject combination, nor do you need to have studied Law at A-Level beforehand. Most people studying Law have no knowledge previously of the subject, so don’t worry if you come to Oxford with little idea of Law, most people don’t! I’d read a bit around the subject to see if it’s something I wanted to do, but the interview is not at all a test of how much you know, and people have studied lots of different things before they come here.

Beyond studying, there’s genuinely so much other stuff to do, both within and beyond college, including clubs and activities as well as social events. There are so many talks and events either with a legal focus or other areas, allowing you to expand your interests and learn beyond your course, like seeing Supreme Court judges, politicians, activists and musicians speak. The Oxford Law Society has some amazing events, and the Oxford Hub offers many opportunities to volunteer around the city. There’s always something to do or be involved with!

If you have any questions you have about studying at Oxford, Corpus, or the Law course, please send me an email!


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