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Research Fellows and Lecturers

The College has a number of Research Fellows and Junior Research Fellows at any given time.  Current Research Fellows are listed below.

Research Fellows
Professor Catherine Harmer (Psychology)
Dr Anna Marmodoro
Dr R Moss (History)

Medical Research Fellows
Dr Geoff Higgins
Dr Sarosh Irani

Junior Research Fellows
Dr Luke Brunning (Philosophy)
Dr Colleen Curran (English)
Dr Alice Kelly (History)
Dr Saloni Krishnan (Experimental Psychology)
Dr Daniel Lametti (Experimental Psychology)
Dr Jennifer Le Roy (Materials Science)
Dr Alex Middleton (History)
Dr Struan Murray (Biochemistry)
Dr Daniel Sawyer (English)
Dr Daniel Waxman (Philosophy)

For further details on non-stipendiary Junior Research Fellowships at Corpus, please visit our Junior Research Fellowships page.

Graduate Teaching Assistant in English
Mr Daniel Sperrin

Graduate Teaching Assistant in Law
Miss Cressida Auckland

Lecturers provide a complementary source of teaching to that provided by the College's Fellows.  A list of current lecturers and their areas of speciality are listed below.
Dr R Adams (Medicine - Morbid Anatomy)
Dr A Al-Diwani (Clinical Medicine)
Dr K Allendorf (Classics, Latin)
Mr G Anderson (Economics)
Dr C Anzilloti (Medicine)
Mr A Barker (Politics)
Dr R-A Burton (Medicine) 
Dr A Clark (Ancient History)
Dr S Cohen (Ancient History)
Dr W de Melo (Linguistics) 
Dr T Ellender (Medicine)
Dr K El Omari (Biochemistry)
Dr M Galano (Materials)
Mr T Gao (English) 
Dr S Gartland (Ancient History)
Dr C Hays (Physics)
Dr M Hosseinioun (International Relations)
Dr A Hulikova (Biomedical Sciences)
Dr S Irani (Clinical Medicine)
Dr D Jaksch (Physics)
Dr M Jarvis (Physics)
Dr J L Kiappes (Organic Chemistry)
Dr P Lear (Medicine - Anatomy)
Dr D Lee (Ancient Philosophy)
Dr P Lockwood (Psychology)
Dr J Lozano (Materials)
Dr N Maynard (Clinical Medicine)
Dr S Murray (Biochemistry)
Dr K O'Reilly (Materials)
Prof L Ong (Mathematics - Computation)
Prof A Orchard (English)
Prof J Pandit (Medicine - Anaesthesiology)
Dr K Pardee (Music)
Dr S Peterson (Politics)
Dr R Quarrell (Organic Chemistry)
Dr A Rowan-Hull (Medicine - Embryology)
Mr A Ruiz (Mathematics)
Ms A-S Schoess (Classics)
Dr P Scovell (Physics)
Dr A Sen (Clinical Medicine)
Dr T Sharp (Medicine - Pharmacology)
Dr J Smith (Materials)
Dr R Wood (Archaeology) 


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