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The College contract

I would like to draw your attention to two important documents which I ask you to read with care and sign before the beginning of term.

The College Student Contract states the formal terms of the relationship between you and the College. The second document, ‘Licence to occupy College Accommodation’, gives a summary of a much longer legal document that was produced on the basis that it should cover all university students in the UK. As is so often the case one size does not fit all well, and I am sorry to say that you will find that the standard contract contains a great deal that is irrelevant to Corpus.

Please return one signed copy of the Student Contract now (this is especially important as a University card cannot be issued before the signed contract is received). The synopsis of the Licence Agreement allows you to understand the relevant issues, and a copy of the full Licence is available on request. Please note that, on arrival at College, you will be required to sign the Licence before your room key is issued.

Finally, I offer you my sincere congratulations on securing your place at Corpus; I very much look forward to meeting you in October and across the coming years. This is a very special place.

Nicholas Melhuish


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