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Photographs, Microfilms and Permission for use of images

A number of the significant individual images from the Corpus collections can be obtained from commercial suppliers; it is also possible to buy microfilms of most of the manuscripts held by the College.  However, most images have to be ordered from the Library.  Permission should be sought in advance if you wish to reproduce any of these images in any published work (including thesis), using the forms available below.  For all queries, please contact the Librarian.

Bridgeman Images holds copies of some of the significant individual images in the Corpus manuscript collection, as well as some of the paintings and portraits owned by the College.  Transparencies or digital images may be leased from Bridgeman for the purposes of reproduction, and they can grant permission for this use on behalf of the College. 

Bridgeman Images
17-19 Garway Road
W2 4PH
Telephone: +44 (0) 207-727-4065
Fax: +44 (0) 207-792-8509

Photographic orders:

Digital images and photographic prints for private study and for publication, which are not held by Bridgeman, may be ordered from a professional photographer via the College.  Please contact the Librarian via to check the availability of imaegs or a quotation for new photography.  

Please note:

  • Copyright restrictions are likely to apply to items from the modern collection.

  • The copyright of any image supplied remains with the College.

  • Permission must be sought in advance if an image is to be used in any publication (see the Permission to publish section below)

  • The College reserves the right not to allow photography if the item to be filmed is deemed too fragile, damaged or in any other way unfit for filming.

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish images of items in Corpus Christi College's collections must be requested well in advance of publication deadlines. The permissions application form must be completed, and signed, then returned to the Librarian (except for those images available via Bridgeman).  Copies may also be faxed, to expedite requests, but please note a signed paper copy is required for our records. Scanned copies including a real signature are acceptable.

If your application is approved, you will then be advised of the charges relating to the permission(s) you require.  Permission(s) will be deemed released upon payment of the appropriate fee(s).  Please note that ‘publication' refers to publication in any media, including theses, web sites, use in television programmes, exhibition displays etc.

The general conditions and the fees charged by the College relating to publication permissions are listed on the terms and conditions sheet.  Please ensure you read the terms and conditions, and complete the application form in full (plus cross through any irrelevant sections).

Permission application form, plus Fees and conditions, for both print and electronic (in PDF format):


Microfilms of many Corpus manuscripts are available commercially (see Microfilms of special collections material).

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