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IT Information

Many of you will be coming to the college with a wealth of knowledge about computing and the internet, others will know less, but I suspect all will have some curiosity about the computing and data facilities offered. The IT Department keeps a website explaining the services available to you within Corpus here: the wider University, here:

Two points of which to be particularly aware:

Oxford SSO Account

This account is used widely in systems across the university, from e-mail to computer rooms. New students receive two e-mails from the ‘Student Information & Advisory Service’.  The first will provide your Student Number, and the second will give details of your Oxford Single Sign-On [SSO] account.  You should follow the instructions in this second e-mail in order to activate this account, although anyone with a Student Number or University Card Number can also activate their SSO, see the welcome website above.

Connecting to the Internet

Internet access across Oxford University relies on a ‘Remote Access’ password, which is different from the SSO described above. In order to get online as soon as you can after arriving in college, I highly recommend that you set up your ‘Remote Access’ password before you arrive.  To do this, once you have successfully set up your Oxford Single Sign-on account (mentioned above), visit and ‘register for a remote access account password’.  This will set the password you need to join the wireless networks. We recommend using the wireless network ‘Eduroam’. For instructions on how to connect to any of the available networks, you may have an additional sheet with this letter, otherwise, please see:  You may wish to note or print out the instructions to use once you arrive in Oxford.

The IT team has set aside 3pm – 5pm on Tuesday the 8th October to be available in the IT Office in the Old Lodgings to help with any issues or questions you have. In the meantime, if you have any questions concerning IT provision at Corpus which are not addressed by the website above, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the email address at the head of this letter.

We look forward to seeing you in the college.

Simon Mortimore
Head of IT, Corpus Christi, Oriel & Merton Colleges
University of Oxford

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