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Undergraduate Admissions

To apply for an undergraduate course at Oxford you will need to submit a UCAS application by no later than 15 October. Depending on the subject for which you have applied, you may also be required to sit an admissions test and/or submit written work. Full details on the application procedure are available in the Oxford University Undergraduate Prospectus and on the University Admissions website.

Each application to Oxford is considered carefully on its individual merits. The tutors base their decisions on a combination of factors; the information submitted on your UCAS form such as your personal statement and teacher's reference, your academic performance to date (exam results both achieved and predicted), your performance at interview and, where applicable, submitted written work and admissions test results.

The interview is a significant part of the selection process but is not the major deciding factor and its purpose is to assess your potential under conditions similar to those of a tutorial. It is hoped that, for you and the tutors concerned, the interview is seen as less of an interrogation and more of a discussion. The College's Undergraduate Interview Policy is available to view and further information on interviews is available on the Interviews at Oxford pages of the University website.

You may find it useful to visit individual faculty/department websites; links to which can be found on the relevant course pages on the University website.

To find out more, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page of the University website or contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office for further information.

For queries relating to applications to Corpus Christi, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Administrator on 01865 276693 or email

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