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Hi, I’m Matty, a historian coming towards the end of my first year studying here at Corpus.

Having studied at a non-selective state school and then sixth-form in Yorkshire, I come from a background with a relatively poor record of sending students to Oxbridge which, along with the fact that neither of my parents had been to university, naturally made me nervous before coming here. My fears, however, were soon allayed by the overwhelmingly welcoming and supportive community at Corpus, where I was immediately made to feel at home. Given that I didn’t initially apply to Corpus, I can’t quite believe my luck at having ended up at such an amazing place.

For me, there is probably no better place to study history than Oxford. Myself being particularly interested in late-medieval and early modern history, the city is a hub that brings to life the very history found in the books at the heart of my degree. Corpus, for example, (along with our neighbour Christchurch) was founded in the reign of Henry VIII, a period which is of the utmost interest to myself and to so many historians who don’t have the privilege of studying it in such a historic city.

As far as the course itself is concerned, the range of choice is what makes it so attractive. Without any core modules, you get to choose each of your modules from a range of options which is made all the more impressive by the size of the department and the prominence of so many of the tutors in the world of historiography. Moreover, the access you get to these tutors is unparalleled, with teaching take place in tutorials that usually consist of one or two students. In fact, the personal relationship you build with the tutors through the tutorial system is by far my favourite aspect of studying history at Oxford so far.

Of course, Oxford is not all about studying; there is a vast and varied range of clubs and societies for you to get involved in during your time here. These include sports clubs, student newspapers, political societies, along with a much more eclectic mix of activities that could never be placed into such conventional categories!

There is so much more to say about history at Oxford, and Corpus in particular, so please send me an email if you have any questions at all, no matter how big or small they may seem. I’m eager to help in any way I can! On that note, the only advice I would give to you is that, if you’re thinking of applying, go for it! I’m so glad I took the punt myself and I’ve never looked back since.


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