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Graduates in Corpus - The Big Picture

Corpus as an intellectual community

The Corpus graduate community (also known as the middle common room or MCR) is a lively, multi-disciplinary and international one, with strong representation and traditions in the humanities, social sciences and the sciences. Graduate students from Corpus have gone onto a wide range of careers in academia, the professions, business and the arts (and much more!). To get a feeling for the nature of the student body have a look at our graduate student life and graduate student achievements pages.

The guiding philosophy of the graduate community is combining serious intellectual ambition with a lack of pretension and a strong sense of scholarly community. Whether one is in the lab every day, working in the depths of a library, or carrying out empirical social science research - the quest is the same -great scholarship and research. The College seeks to support all students in that quest by creating an environment in which wide ranging intellectual inquiry is encouraged. As active scholars and researchers, the senior common room (SCR) (fellows, professors, and lecturers) also know that great scholarship and research involves serious hard work, pushing intellectual boundaries, and often frustration. We also recognize that due to the very different nature of the degrees graduate students are taking the time spent in college will vary from student to student and have structured our graduate provision around that fact. Whether you come into College every day or every fortnight - you are always welcome.

Corpus is small compared to other Colleges and one of the advantages of this, besides creating a very friendly atmosphere, is that there is a great deal of intellectual interaction between the SCR and MCR. In term time there are Monday lunches which both groups can sign up to at which cross cutting issues are discussed. There is an immensely successful seminar series in which graduates and SCR members present their work and graduate students also have the opportunity of dining at High Table with Fellows and their guests in a scholarly environment. Each graduate student has a College Adviser assigned from the SCR who can act as a source of advice and support if needed. There are termly advisor lunches, an annual graduate dinner, and an annual supervisor's dinner. There are also annual meetings with the President and Tutor for Graduates to discuss academic progress. The College Office and Tutor for Graduates are additional sources of advice.

Alongside all this, the graduate community has its own common room which provides a social and physical base for students in College. It carries subscriptions to various newspapers and journals and has a small but well-appointed kitchenette. It is a popular venue for social events. There is an MCR Committee which organises many of these events and through which graduates' concerns are represented to the administration of the College. More details are available at the MCR website.


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