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Graduate Admissions

Below is a brief overview of the graduate admissions process and funding. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Equally, you can find further details on the application procedure in the University of Oxford Graduate Prospectus, or on the graduate admissions pages of the University website. Both these sources will give you advice on how to apply, application deadlines, and much more. A list of the degrees that we consider applications in can be found here.


The graduate admissions procedure for Oxford University requires each candidate to apply directly to the University. As part of that application you will need to specify a College you wish to be considered by. If your application is accepted by the relevant Faculty it will then be passed onto to the College you have specified in your application. You can leave your college choice blank (an ‘open' application) and have it allocated to you by the Graduate Admissions Office.

Corpus receives many applications every year and the selection criteria that we apply to considering application can be found here. The competitiveness of the application process should not put you off however. Even if you do not receive a place at Corpus you will receive an offer from another College. See the University page on Outcomes of your application for details.


Like all colleges, if you are offered a place by the College you will be required to complete a Financial Declaration Form. Further details can be found on the University funding pages. The form aims to ensure that you are fully aware of the expected fees and living costs associated with your chosen course of study at Oxford and is your opportunity to consider the financial commitment you will be entering into, and to take full responsibility for it. What this means is that you do not need proof of the ability to fund your degree and associated living expenses to apply and receive an offer but you will need to provide evidence of funding for the first year of your degree (fees only) before your place can be confirmed. Sources of funding vary considerably and some students will have scholarships or research grants and others will be self-supporting. The College does offer a number of joint studentships/scholarships with the University. Further details of funding can be found on the University funding pages.


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