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Academic Grants

The College makes limited Academic Grants of up to £150p.a. to undergraduate students, to facilitate their studies. Claims can be made at the end of each term for reimbursement on academic expenditure for example, books, equipment, academic printing etc. Claim forms will be made available towards the end of every term; receipts will need to be provided.
The College Library may buy books for graduate use, particularly if the Library Committee feels that the suggested books are likely to be of value to future graduates and are not simply specialised texts of use only to an individual. Please consult the Librarian for further details.

Travel Grants

There are a number of possible sources for travel grants for students. These may include your department/faculty and the College. You should check yourself what is available from sources other than the College.
The College is able to make modest travel grants towards undergraduates’ expenses for academic travel, internships, work experience, research placements or personal development travel. Applications will be considered on three occasions - during 7th week of each term. An application form is available from the College Office or on Weblearn. You should ask your tutor to sign the form and add a note in support of your application.
The maximum undergraduate travel grant available is £450 during a student's period of study; a further £150 will be available to students on a 4 year course.
Please note that there are only limited funds and you will not automatically get what you ask for. Funding is awarded on a first come first served basis.

Expanding Horizons Scholarship

The College has recently introduced this Scholarship which is awarded to at least 3 students for travel over the summer.  The Scholarship is funded by US Alumni  and is aimed at students wishing to travel to the US or a non-OECD country; the aim of the opportunity is to form a basis for greater understanding and shared purpose between the two countries.  The travel is intended to be for a period between 4 and 8 weeks, should be of broad educational value beyond the Oxford course and involve exposure to the local people and culture (for example working for an NGO, volunteering, a summer school, an archaeological dig, an internship, a lab placement, etc). Students can apply for up to a maximum of £5,000 and will be expected to submit a detailed plan for their trip, including budget and statement of the broader educational benefit of the trip.

Hardship and Maintenance Support

If you have a sudden money crisis, you will find the Bursar very understanding and helpful, provided that you put him in the picture! Please also feel free to speak to any of the welfare support team, your tutor or the Academic Registrar.
The College’s Maintenance Support Committee meets each term to make grants to students who find themselves in difficult circumstances. If you find yourself in this situation, then you should apply to the Committee; your application will be held in confidence. Application forms will be available each term from the JCR, the College Office and the Bursary. Posters will be displayed giving notice of availability of application forms and closing dates.

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