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Welcome to Corpus Christi College!

Congratulations on making your offer! I hope you have had a lovely summer and are excited to join us at Corpus.

I’m Rhiannon the Junior Common Room (JCR) President for the college. You’ll be seeing me a lot throughout the first few weeks and I hope to help you settle in Corpus.

The first week when you arrive is Fresher’s week which is all about finding your feet within the college and the University. This first week can be really daunting but honestly don’t worry it’ll be great. The JCR will be organising lots of events to help you get to know everything you need to. Also myself, along with the rest of the freshers team will be about to help you in any way we can!

When you arrive at Corpus, you will get your key and welcome pack from the lodge, your college parents will also be about to meet you- but more on that later! The porters in the lodge are super friendly. In the welcome pack will be a timetable to let you know everything that’s going on throughout the week. Once you are unpacked head over to the JCR to meet some people and also meet myself and the freshers’ team who will be about to look after you if you need!

Hopefully this handbook will offer some help on what is happening and what to bring but if you have any questions, worries or problems please please email me We also have a JCR website that might be able to help too.

I look forward to meeting you in October and cannot wait for you to join the Corpus family,

Much JCR love,

Rhi x
JCR President

Freshers' handbook

The JCR have produced a Handbook of relevant information from a student's perspective.  You can download the full handbook (advisable) as a pdf but key information is set out below.

Freshers’ Week 2019

College parents
If you have any issues before coming up to Oxford, no matter how random, they’ll be able to resolve it, or direct you to the people who can. Everyone gets two such lovely people: your ‘subject’ parent who is on your course and will know all about choosing papers and any work you’ve been set, and your ‘social’ parent whose specialist subject is more likely to be along the lines of other things to get up to in Oxford. If you are an international student one of your parents will also be a fellow international.
Before you arrive you will receive emails from your college parents containing salutations, useful wisdom and contact details. If you haven’t heard from your college parents our JCR Access Officer, Florence (, will be able to help.
As well as being a friendly face and port of call for help, your parents will buy you carnations when the dreaded preliminary exams (or ‘mods’ for classicists and lawyers) come around. We wear carnations as part of our Sub Fusc (see below): a white one for the first exam, pink for the middle exam(s) and red for your final exam. Children are expected to return the favour when their parents face finals!

Here’s a quick list of things you might want to bring from home:
Clothes. Probably helpful.
Fancy dress – handy for bops, but easy to find in Oxford
Bed linen, towels, duvet and pillows (college provide one but worth bringing a spare!). If you are an international student, you may be able to purchase these from college by emailing
Phone and charger, also extension cables (can be bought at the Lodge)
Bike, lock, helmet, lights (can be bought in Oxford)
ID – driving license, passport, passport photos
Toiletries, including stuff for washing clothes
Basic first aid kit/medical supplies (Lemsip is a must for Freshers’ Flu!)
A kettle, tea, mugs, bowl, plates, cutlery, washing up liquid
Perhaps some cooking things as everyone has access to a kitchenette
Sports stuff… you’ll definitely be recruited for something here!
Musical instruments if you play any
Computer stuff – there are plenty of computers here if you don’t have one

Lots of this can be bought in Oxford charity shops from people who donated their stuff last year. Here are some things to leave behind:
Car – nowhere to park and no need (unless you’re going to play a uni sport that is a long way away)
Toaster and microwave – supplied in the kitchens and not allowed in rooms (same goes for candles, incense etc)
TV – there is one in the JCR and also video games. The TV room is a really relaxed placed to meet people and get involved in college life.

Upon arrival
If you are an International Student, you’ll most likely be arriving before your college parents, so please report to the Lodge when you get here. The Porters will put you in touch with someone from the JCR Committee who will show you to your room and help you out with any problems.
On the Sunday of Freshers’ Week (October 6th), we’ll be going out for the annual ‘International meal’. Specific details will be available in the JCR (so come in and say hello!) or from Sebastian (
If you are a home student, your college parents should be here on the day you arrive to help you move and settle in. In the unlikely event that your parent has not yet returned to Corpus, one of the peer supporters or someone without new children will adopt you for the day.
During Freshers’ Week all your parents will look out for you and can help with any problems you may have. At the end of the week they will invite you to family brunch (or lunch) and probably show you around a bit. Please let Rhi or Florence know if this doesn’t look like it’s going to happen and we’ll sort something out!

Life at Corpus

The JCR Committee
The JCR Committee is a group of 26 students who are elected to represent Corpus’ undergraduates. The group helps organise JCR life by arranging entertainment, giving welfare and academic support, allocating funding to clubs and societies, letting students know what is going on in the college, and promoting issues to do with the environment, charitable giving and equal opportunities for all students.
The Committee also represents your views to College and the Oxford University Student Union. The OXSU Officer and the JCR President attend every OXSU meeting – they can put items on the agenda and have voting rights. Any issues which you want brought to the College’s attention can also be done via the JCR Committee, who regularly meet with College staff.

JCR Meetings
JCR meetings are the primary way in which members of the JCR can have their voice heard and through these meetings it allows the student body to communicate with the College.
Members of the JCR can put forward motions that are voted on by other members of the JCR that are at the meeting. These motions can span a variety of things, from expressing support as a JCR for a campaign or movement to purchasing a certain Xbox game for JCR use. Additionally, if anybody wants to know what a JCR officer has been doing in their role it’s the perfect chance to ask as committee members are mandated to attend!

College hall serves 3 meals a day, except Saturday dinner (and on the weekend we have brunch). You pay-as-you-eat, by having your topped-up Bod Card swiped. Everyone starts with £100. When you run out, you put money on your Bod Card in the Bursary (open weekdays 12-2), paying by cash, cheque, debit or credit card (Amex is not taken) - you can also pay on-line via the UPAY website.

There is always a vegetarian/vegan dish, and the food is usually fairly good. Jimmy Hinton (Head Chef) is always happy to take suggestions for food, especially vegetarian meals. Email him on or talk to Jen, the JCR’s Domestic Officer.

Formal hall happens every Friday evening and is a nice way to start the weekend. It is a served three-course meal that you have to dress up for (suits and dresses) and people tend to go to the Beer Cellar (our bar) afterwards. You can bring your own wine or buy some in the Buttery. The food is pretty good and it’s cheaper than a restaurant. Parents, grannies and friends from other unis will love the experience!

Your room will be cleaned (or at least checked) every weekday morning by a scout. If you don’t want to be woken up, you can leave your bin outside your bedroom door or put out your ‘do not disturb’ sign. If you leave your bin or sign out for 3 days in a row the scout is allowed to come in regardless.

Clubs and Societies
Despite its small size, Corpus has a wide variety of clubs and societies for all Corpuscles to get involved in: from drama to sport and from cheese to card games, there’s something for everyone, and if there isn’t – start it up yourself! We often pride ourselves on enthusiasm rather than skill, so everyone can get involved.

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