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Complex Inferiorities conference: 4 - 5 September 2014

Further details on the conference can be found on its website or the programme can be viewed below.


The Poetics of the Weaker Voice in Latin Literature
Corpus Christi College, Oxford


4th September 2014

10:15 Registration / Tea & Coffee

Session 1 (Seminar Room): Negotiating Inferiority - Modes, Concepts, Metaphors

Chair: Sebastian Matzner, University of Exeter

10:45 William Fitzgerald, King's College London
Claiming Inferiority: Types, Contexts, Strategies and Questions
Respondent: Amy Richlin

11:30 Gregory Hutchinson, Exeter College, Oxford
On Not Being Beautiful
Respondent: Philip Hardie

12:15 Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer, University of Chicago
A Stomach for Verse: The Appropriation of the Canon in Persius' Satires
Respondent: Tom Geue

13:00 Lunch (Rainolds Room)

Session 2 (Seminar Room): Genre & Social Status - Creative Tensions of Weakness

Chair: Stephen Harrison, Corpus Christi College, Oxford

14:00 Philip Hardie, Trinity College, Cambridge
Cowherds and Saints: Paulinus of Nola Carmina 18
Respondent: Dunstan Lowe

14:45 Jean-Claude Julhe, Université de Paris IV - Sorbonne
Literary Inferiority and Social Inferiority: The Revenge of the Poet in Martial's Epigrams
Respondent: Dorothee Gall

15:30 Dunstan Lowe, University of Kent
Loud and Proud: The Voice of the Praeco in Roman Love-Elegy
Respondent: Vassiliki Panoussi

16:15 Tea & Coffee (Rainolds Room)

Session 3 (Seminar Room): Inferiority and Cultural Identity

Chair: Fiachra Mac Góráin, University College London

16:45: Victoria Rimell, Università di Roma - La Sapienza
The Director's Cut: Horace's Ars Poetica and the Creative Superiority of Self-Critique
Respondent: Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer

17:30 Amy Richlin, University of California - Los Angeles
Blackface and Drag in the Palliata
Respondent: Ellen O'Gorman

18:15 Drinks Reception (Rainolds Room)

19:00 Conference Dinner (Hall)


5th September 2014


Session 4: Women's Voices and (In-)Versions of Inferiority

Chair: Gail Trimble, Trinity College, Oxford

9:30 Vassiliki Panoussi, College of William and Mary
From Adultery to Incest: Women as Sexual Aggressors in Roman Literature
Respondent: Gregory Hutchinson

10:15 Dorothee Gall, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität Bonn
Ovid`s Heroides: Female Argumentation Versus Male Reality
Respondent: Victoria Rimell

11:00 Tea & Coffee (Rainolds Room)

Session 5: Whose Voice Is It Anyway?

Chair: Ahuvia Kahane, Royal Holloway, University of London

11:30 Tom Geue, Trinity College, Oxford
Drawing Blanks: The Pale Shades of Phaedrus and Juvenal
Respondent: Jean-Claude Julhe

12:15 Ellen O'Gorman, University of Bristol
"The Noise, and the People": Popular clamor and Political Discourse in Latin Historiography
Respondent: William Fitzgerald

13:00 Lunch (Rainolds Room)
Continued informal conversation and reflections on the conference


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