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Workshop: Subaltern voices in Archaic and Classical Greece

Saturday 27th May 2017- CCC - Al Jaber Auditorium

The transmission of subaltern voices to us from ancient Greece has been difficult. Part of the reason for this is the modern diffidence towards these voices, preceded by premodern disdain for them. In recent years there have been excellent efforts to capture the voices of women, of slaves, of soldiers, and so on. We are acutely aware also that in antiquity many groups were silenced by the circumstances of their lives and this silence was later amplified in later reception. What did these various and numerous groups, especially those who are underrepresented in scholarship, hold in common? Is it possible to define broadly and comprehensibly the subaltern in archaic and classical Greece? Social historians have been focused on individual groups; there has not been a great Coming Together of the sort proposed here.

Speakers including:

Lucia Cecchet (Mainz)

Tony Edwards (UC San Diego)

Sara Forsdyke (Michigan)

Samuel Gartland (CCC)

Rebecca Futo Kennedy (Denison)

David Lewis (Nottingham)

Naoise Mac Sweeney (Leicester)

Sarah Murray (Nebraska)

David Tandy (Tennessee/ Leeds) 

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