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Professor Josh Parsons

Josh Parsons

Fellow and Tutor, Associate Professor (CUF) in Philosophy


I was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and studied at Victoria University, Wellington before moving to Australia to do my PhD at the Australian National University. I have worked at the Arché research centre, University of St Andrews (2001-2004; after leaving I retained an honorary position at St Andrews until 2010); University of California, Davis (2004-2005); and Otago University (2006-2011). I returned to the UK to take up the post of Tutorial Fellow at Corpus in December 2011.


My main areas of research are metaphysics, philosophical logic, and ethics, but I think of myself as a philosophical generalist. In metaphysics I have worked on philosophy of time, particularly problems of identity over time, the metaphysics of modality, truthmaker theory, Zeno's paradoxes, and the nature of intrinsicality; in philosophical logic, on the logic of the imperative mood, and on the application of formal logical techniques to metaphysical theories; in ethics, on responsibilities to future generations, and on the cognitivism / non-cognitivism debate in meta-ethics.

Teaching and supervision

I teach a variety of undergraduate papers, and am interested in supervising graduate students in any area that overlaps with my research interests.


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