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Dr  Anna Marmodoro

Anna Marmodoro

Fellow in Philosophy


Anna has been affiliated with the College in different capacities since 2007. She is currently an Official Fellow in Philosophy (2011-); she was previously a Junior Research Fellow in College and contemporaneously held a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Faculty of Philosophy (2008-11). Before then she was a Departmental Lecturer in Philosophy in the Faculty and in College (2007-08).

Before coming to Oxford, Anna earned her Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh and a Laurea in Philosophy from the University of Pisa, Italy.

During her time in CCC, Anna has served as Tutor for Women, Dean of Degrees, SCR Master, and University Pro-Proctor.


Anna specializes in two research areas: contemporary metaphysics on the one hand, and ancient, medieval and late antiquity philosophy on the other. She has also strong research interest in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of perception. She investigates issues concerning the nature of properties, dispositions, relations; composition and structure; fundamentality; the metaphysics of substance; and causation. She has published monographs, edited books and journal articles in all these areas. Anna currently directs a large-scale multidisciplinary research group funded by the European Research Council and the Templeton World Charity Foundation, with a combined research budget of over £2M. Her group investigates the nature of the fundamental building blocks of reality, with special interest in power ontology (including how this metaphysical view was developed in ancient Greek thought).

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Publications (books only)


Aristotle on Perceiving Objects, OUP, 2014

Everything in Everything. An essay on Anaxagoras’ metaphysics (monograph, under contract with OUP, forthcoming 2017)

Edited Books

The Metaphysics of Relations, OUP, 2015 (co-edited with David Yates).

Causation and Creation in Late Antiquity, CUP, 2015 (co-edited with Brian Prince).

The Author’s Voice in Classical and Late Antiquity, OUP, 2013 (co-edited with Jonathan Hill).

The Metaphysics of the Incarnation, OUP, 2011 (co-edited with Jonathan Hill).

The Metaphysics of Powers: Their Grounding and Their Manifestations, Routledge, 2010 (edited volume; paperback edition 2013 




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