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Professor Alastair Buchan

Alastair Buchan

Professorial Fellow in Medicine

Professor Buchan is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Head of Brexit Strategy) at the University of Oxford. A Neurologist and Neuroscientist in Stroke Medicine since 1986, he is Professor of Stroke Medicine at the University of Oxford in the Nuffield Department of Medicine of the John Radcliffe Hospital where he is an Honorary Consultant Neurologist. He is a Professorial Fellow at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

He was educated at Repton School, Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard. He undertook clinical medical training at Oxford and Neurology Specialist training in Oxford, London, Ontario, and Cornell University Medical College in New York. Since completing his training, he has worked at the University of Western Ontario, University of Ottawa, and University of Calgary. He has been a Consultant Neurologist at University Hospital in London, the Civic Hospital in Ottawa, and the Foothills Hospital in Calgary where he held the Heart and Stroke Foundation Professorship in Stroke.

In Oxford since 2005, he has established an Acute Stroke Programme and has been the Translational Research Director for the UK Stroke Research Network. He is the Director of the new Acute Vascular Imaging Centre, and was the founding Director of the Oxford NIHR Biomedical Research Centre. He became Head of the Medical Sciences Division of the University of Oxford on October 1st 2008. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (FMedSci), a Senior Investigator of the NIHR and holds a DSc from the University of Oxford.

He sits on the board of the Berlin Health Institute and Charité Hospital Stroke Programme in Berlin. He is the Senior Member of the Osler House Club in Oxford and a Member of the Athenaeum Club in London. He is currently a Governor of Repton School.

He was awarded an honorary degree of Laws (LLD) from the University of Calgary in May 2009.

Research Interests
Professor Buchan's research interests are in Thrombolysis and Neuroprotection for Stroke. His laboratory focuses on selective neuronal vulnerability and understanding mechanisms that might lead to neuroprotection in the clinic. His clinical research interests are in managing hyperacute stroke and effective prevention following TIA. He has run a number of trials including CASES and FASTER.

Teaching and Supervision
Professor Buchan teaches students Neuroscience, Neurology and Stroke. He supervises medical students, trainees and fellows on the Stroke Unit. He also lectures to departments in the faculty of Physiological Sciences about Neuroprotection and Stroke. He supervises DPhil students in his laboratory.

Sample of Recent PublicationsBalami JS, White PM,, McMeekin PJ,, Ford GA,, Buchan AM. Complications of endovascular treatment for acute ischemic stroke: Prevention and management. Int J Stroke. 2017

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