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Financial information (including fees and charges)

The University has provided a useful Financial Guide which we recommend reading.

All students are required to complete and sign a financial declaration form which sets out the cost of their study (for at least the first year) and to provide evidence of how they will be paying their fees.  International (including EU) students should already have returned their declaration.  Home students should complete and return the form by 30 August.

FEES AND CHARGES FOR UNDERGRADUATES 2019-2020 (i.e. those reading for a Final Honour School or an undergraduate visiting student)

Help towards the cost of being a student is available. Information on financial support is on the Oxford University Website: , the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) Website: and from the Student Finance Direct Website:

The College has a Maintenance Support Fund from which individual grants are made at the discretion of the Maintenance Support Committee. The details of the scheme, including the application procedure, are published at the appropriate time, and guidelines are given in the booklet General Information and College Rules.


Fees are generally the figures given below, however, there are some variants so you should go to the following website to search for your course and a definitive list:


The annual university tuition fee is £9,250.

You should be able to take out a loan from the Student Loan Company to cover the fees. However, you must inform the College Accountant (on the enclosed form) if you intend to take out a loan. If you are not taking out a loan the fee (£9,250) will be applied to your first battels account at the start of term.


The University fee for non-EU students will range from £26,235 to £34,678. The following webpage should be visited for the definitive list of University fees:

Please ensure you complete and return the form detailing who is responsible for the payment of your fees and the financial declaration form.

In the event of a student withdrawing from his/her course the question of a possible refund of all or part of the fee will be considered in the light of the personal circumstances of the individual and the regulations applying at the time.

COLLEGE CHARGES – Undergraduates (as determined by the Governing Body)

Room Rates (including heating & electricity charges)

                                                                                             Termly Charge             Vacation Charge           Vacation Charge

                                                                                                (60 nights)             per night (academic)per night (non-academic)


A grade rooms in college                                                   £1,456.70                        £15.50                        £20.43

B grade rooms in college                                                   £1,384.73                        £15.50                        £20.43

C grade                                                                              £1,262.51                        £15.50                        £20.43

JCR guest rooms in college                                         £21.16 per night

A grade rooms out of college                                             £1,368.60                        £15.50                        £20.43

B grade rooms out of college                                             £1,294.77                        £15.50                        £20.43

C grade rooms out of college                                             £1,182.48                        £15.50                        £20.43


Light breakfast                                                                                                                1.50
Cooked breakfast & Brunch per item (cereal, egg, sausage, bacon etc)                         .48
Cooked breakfast & Brunch per item (beans, tomatoes, mushrooms etc)                       .32
Lunch - main course                                                                                                       2.57
             second course                                                                                                   1.29
Dinner - main course                                                                                                      3.20
             second course                                                                                                    1.29
Formal Hall                                                                                                                     8.45
1st Hall – cafeteria 2 courses                                                                                         4.49
Special Dinner                                                                                                               13.54
Sandwiches                                                                                                                     2.53
Milk/juice carton, extra salad etc                                                                                       .59
Corner yoghurts                                                                                                                 .80


An advance payment of £200 is charged on a member’s first battels. £100 of this will be credited to a meal payment card. The advance payment will be repaid on a member’s last battels, less any outstanding accounts due.


Battels are presented at the beginning of each term and will be payable within a week of receipt. An end of academic year bill will be sent to a student’s home address during July.

Battels at the beginning of each term cover the ‘basic’ charges (i.e. rent and levies and, for those paying their own fee, the relevant termly fee will be charged) for the coming term and any charges from the previous term

Interest is payable on battels which remain unpaid unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed with the Bursar.


There are 2 voluntary levies of £10.00 a term for the JCR charities levy and £10.00 a term for the JCR levy. In addition, a further voluntary levy of £4.50 a term towards the maintenance of a Joint Queen Elizabeth House/Corpus Development Scholar is charged on battels. Students wishing to have more information or to opt out of these levies should speak to the JCR Treasurer.


The College accepts no liability for the loss or damage to any personal possessions, however caused, and this includes any articles stored by the College for Junior Members. The College has arranged a block insurance policy with Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited; this policy provides limited contents insurance cover for all students residing in College accommodation between 22nd September 2019 and 21st September 2020 (and NOT to those living elsewhere). Details of this policy will be provided to all residents, together with information on how they can extend the cover to insure their possessions more fully. Undergraduates are strongly advised to take out an ‘All Risks’ insurance policy, and in any event to ensure that bedroom doors are locked at all times.

Every effort is made not to alter fees or charges during the course of the academic year, but the College reserves the right to do so at any time.



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