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For most graduate students an important factor in choosing a College to apply to is the nature of its accommodation and other facilities. Below is a summary of what we provide. It may be that you have further questions and if you do don't hesitate to be in touch with the College Office.


We guarantee graduates two years College accommodation; the period for which accommodation is offered will not exceed the period during which a student has fee liability to the University.  There is limited married accommodation also available allocated on a first come first served basis.

Our graduate accommodation is competitively priced compared to that offered by other Oxford Colleges (the average daily room rate including utilities and services is £16.87). Graduates are not housed on the main site but in shared houses a short distance from the College or in the purpose built Liddell Building. All rooms are single study-bedrooms with washbasins and shared bathrooms and kitchens. The Liddell Building is very close to the University Gym, Pool and sports field as well as the vibrant Cowley Rd shopping area that has a range of supermarkets, speciality food shops, and restaurants.

There is also accommodation in North Oxford, close to the Science area and a short distance from the College. 


Corpus offers a good choice of high quality, low priced dishes (including vegetarian options) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These meals are available seven days a week during term-time (apart from Saturday night and Sunday morning), and are usually cafeteria-style self-service. Lunch and dinner are also available on weekdays during vacations. In addition, there is a Formal Dinner once a week in term-time, as well as occasional special dinners. The College ‘pay as you go' method of payment means you determine how much or little you want to spend on food. For those who want to cook their own food, there are kitchens in the College houses and the Liddell Building.  

You can expect meal costs to be of the following order:-

Breakfast = £1.93
Lunch = £3.03
Dinner = £4.54


While the life of a graduate student involves hard work it is also important to spend a little time doing other things and Corpus hosts a wide range of recreational activities for its students, from sports, music, drama, and entertainment (aka ‘Entz'). There are also many clubs, societies and teams at the University level. 

Corpus has teams for both men and women in many of the popular sports usually associated with life at University. It has a well-equipped boathouse on the river close to the college. A five-minute cycle ride brings you to a sports ground that we share with University College, the Univ-Corpus Sports Ground, ideal for football and rugby and with a fine cricket square and nets. The College also offers free membership to all College members to the University gym.

The College's MBI Al-Jaber Auditorium is an excellent venue for music practice and recitals. Concerts and recitals are also held in the Chapel. Music from all periods, including jazz and contemporary experimental have recently been performed. Many concerts are organised by the Corpus Music Society. The common room in the Liddell Building contains a Broadwood grand piano and is a good setting for more informal music making.
For the aspiring actor, there is both a College drama society (the Owlets), as well as a strong tradition of Corpus members being involved in larger University productions. In recent years, the JCR has provided funding for both graduates and undergraduates to put on plays (such as Titus Andronicus in the MBI Al-Jaber Auditorium), and even to take their productions to the Edinburgh Festival.

Corpus has two television rooms directly above the JCR with a widescreen TV equipped with Freeview, a Playstation 2 and DVD and VCR equipment. Underneath the JCR is a lively Beer Cellar. With a pool table, darts board, table football and jukebox, both undergraduates and graduate students meet here to unwind and to plan for social events in town.

Disabled Students

Over the years we have had a number of graduate students with disabilities and we have accommodation suitable for disabled students. At present, the upper part of the library, and the JCR are inaccessible to wheelchair users. If you require further information on accommodation or access to the College please contact the Academic Registrar.

An important factor in choosing a College is how well run it is and for many graduate students the efficiency and friendliness of the administrative team will be crucial factors in their enjoyment of College life. The College prides itself on its College Office, Lodge, Domestic Office and Bursary and graduate students often comment on how well run they are.

Graduate study is impossible without good IT support and in Corpus we have a well-staffed IT office that is able to provide advice to students. Wifi is available throughout the college and in all student rooms.

All graduate students have full access to the Corpus library and many find it a conducive working environment. The library is open 24 hours a day and allows lending of some material to College members.

Academic Expenses and Travel Funds
Each student has an academic expenses grant worth up to £100p.a. (claimable with receipts). There is also a travel grant scheme which students can apply to (up to £250 for Masters students and £500 for DPhil students) to help them attend conferences and pursue research projects outside Oxford.

Senior Scholarships
The College offers two senior scholarships every year to two MCR members who are in their third year plus of study. These awards (one in sciences and one in social sciences and humanities) are in recognition of outstanding academic distinction and consist of a small stipend (currently 1000 pounds for the year) and dining rights (one free lunch and one free dinner a week during term).

Welfare Support
Graduate work and life can be intellectually and emotionally tough and the college has a very comprehensive welfare support network that allows students to talk through the problems they are encountering. There is also the College Doctor and strong links with the University Counselling service. There also exists a Maintenance Support Fund to which students who run into financial difficulties can apply to for help.







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