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Around six students per year study Economics as part of the Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE) course. Within the syllabus, emphasis is given to a thorough understanding of the economic mechanisms, and their relevance to contemporary economic problems. We arrange Maths tuition in the first year, starting at an elementary level for students without Maths A-level, to provide basic familiarity with the application of elementary mathematical techniques. The first-year course covers basic economic principles; if you have A-level Economics you will have covered much of the ground, but usually at a considerably lower level. About half of our Economics undergraduates have not studied it at A-level.

Teaching for first and second-year courses in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics takes place in the College. For most of the optional papers, such as Development Economics, Labour Economics, Industrial Economics and Econometrics, Corpus students go to specialist tutors in other colleges. The Library contains many of the Economics books used by undergraduates and a wide range of periodicals.

Dr Andrew Mell joined the College in October 2012 as the Andrew Glyn Career Development Fellow in Economics. His main area of interest is the economics of reputation, with specific applications in illicit markets.

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