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Dr Luke Brunning



I am currently a British Academy research fellow in the Oxford philosophy faculty and a non-stipendiary junior research fellow at Corpus Christi College. My DPhil in philosophy was completed in 2015, and prior to that I was awarded a BA and MPhil in philosophy from King’s College London.

Academic Interests

Broadly speaking, I am drawn to complexity, both in life and in philosophical theory. I focus on the various ways that people might organize their lives and minds well. As such, my writing concerns (amongst other things) the integration of the mind, difficult choices, moral emotions like regret, our relation to social roles, ideals of planning in life, psychoanalytic conceptions of mental harmony, love, sex, and relationship styles, and irony and sincerity in Madhyamaka conceptions of liberation.

Research Project

In ethics, division and multiplicity often generate suspicion. Whether you are aiming after divergent goals, anchored in several cultures, or love multiple partners, you are likely to offend philosophers’ typical attachment to coherence, harmony, and single-mindedness. I want to understand this offence, and question whether various forms of compartmentalisation in life actually impede action or cause suffering. My hunch, that I will spend three years trying to clarify, is that many flourishing lifestyles require nuanced compartmentalisation, that this underpins good action, and that attention to these facts will alter our approach to ethical theorising.

This research project is called Ethics and Lives Less Ordinary, and is funded by the British Academy. I hope to produce a monograph alongside several interim research outputs. A full research proposal, and other information about my research, popular articles, and reviews, is available on my website.



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